new "panera cafe" experiment

Let’s be honest, this is probably not the greatest business model, but it is great for serving and meeting the needs of the needy. If this experiment can function by its so-called “honor system,” then it is a great opportunity to offer help to the destitute. The principle upon which this project is operating could stand to be seen more in this world. I mean, if more of those who had were selfless and gave to those who had not, there wouldn’t be such a need for government intervention (which is something we continually groan about).

Prayerfully, Christians will continue to embrace this act of selflessness and give of their time, money, energy, talents, etc. for the restoration and redemption of communities throughout the world. After all, Christ did not consider his equality with God something he couldn’t give up; rather he gave all of himself and humbled himself; in doing so he provided redemption for us (See Philippians 2:5-8). This demonstration of love that Christ has shown toward us should be the impetus and motivation for our loving and serving others.

In the end, we will find that our selflessness is actually of great benefit not only to others but ourselves as well. To see what I mean, read this interesting article: Radical Individualism and the True Community

Grace to you 🙂


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